Drug discovery is an expensive and high-risk endeavor, and proper target validation is the foundation of a successful drug discovery campaign. Using a variety of tools, August Bioservices will perform the due diligence to ensure that your protein target is a sound investment.

Target Validation Tools

  • Stable or transient shRNA knockdowns using your target gene and cell line combination
  • Choice of polyclonal or monoclonal, stable, inducible knockdowns
  • Full range of reporter proteins, such as GFP and RFP; customizable selection markers
  • Cell-based assays
  • In vivo disease models

“My aim is to ensure we provide the highest quality monoclonal antibody products by uncovering new opportunities and working hard to troubleshoot issues to completion.”

Melea Gilmore Garbe

BS in Chemical Engineering

  • Specialties: Protein expression, characterization and purification of monoclonal antibodies, ensuring a safe and healthy working environment that meets mandated environmental practices
  • Passions: Fishing (crappie, catfish, and bass), video games, and true crime story enthusiast