In cell line development, clone quality is key: You want a robust and genetically stable monoclonal cell line that produces high titers of your molecule with critical quality attributes (CQA) intact.

Experience plays a large role in successful management of all the variables in tissue culture, cell culture, and custom cell line development and protein production. Our expert team of biochemists, biophysicists, and molecular biologists has demonstrated a high degree of success with difficult-to-express and difficult-to-purify proteins.

Rapid research and development are important but final product quality, process efficiency, process scalability, regulatory compatibility, and patient safety are even more critical to a molecule’s commercial viability and ultimate success.

In Vitro Services

  • Tissue and cell culture
  • Prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems
  • Plasmid customization and conceptualization
  • Monoclonal, stable cell line development
  • Design, expression, and purification of recombinant proteins
  • Highly productive, up to 10s of grams scale
  • Crystallography-grade, endotoxin-free protein products
  • Isotopically labeled protein for NMR
  • Affinity tagged, fusion, and native proteins
  • Purified protein validation via SDS PAGE, western blot, thermal unfolding, and gel filtration (if requested)
  • Pre-cGMP upstream and downstream process development
  • Scalable protocols for transfer elsewhere or for in-house manufacture, as required
  • Optional conjugations, lyophilization, formulation studies, and other research-related services

“We provide high standards in our work performance. We always strive to deliver reproducible high standard results.”

Adam Copass

BS in Cell and Molecular Biology

  • Specialties: Coordination of Celina laboratory personnel, coordination of all animal projects and husbandry
  • Member of AALAS and ALAT certified
  • Passions: Family and spectator sports including the Red Soxs, Titans, Volunteers, and Lakers