Just as no two projects are alike, research and development departments can be distinctly different. At August Bioservices, it’s all about the experts — and the technology. Not only do we specialize in protein biophysics and biochemistry, but we will be as passionate about your project as you are and will exert maximum effort to achieve your research goals.

Today’s high-throughput screening (HTS) experiments generate mounds of data. The challenge is to zero in on what matters. We have the knowledge, experience, and will to develop and adopt appropriate, customized high-throughput assay designs and analytical methods to achieve the best quality control, candidate selection, and hit-to-lead identification for your project. You can benefit from our services at any scope, from unit activities through full drug discovery campaigns.

Assay and HTS Capabilities

  • Cell- and protein-based assays
  • Screening assay configuration and validation
  • Enzyme activity, protein-protein interaction assays
  • Thermal shift, ITC, SPR
  • Small, large, and fragment-based screening
  • IP-free drug fragment libraries
  • 96- and 384-well plate format
  • Third-party strategy for atomic scale structural analyses

“August Bio will become fully invested in your project and execute it with the utmost attention to detail.”

Maria McGresham

PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics

  • 7 years’ professional experience
  • Specialties: Biochemical/biophysical assay development, HTS, enzyme kinetics, fluorescence (polarization, FRET, TR fluorescence, intrinsic tryptophan/ extrinsic fluorescent probes), SPR, DSF, ITC, and protein NMR
  • Passions: Reading, cooking, and photography