Commercial and clinical trial labels and packaging must be carefully designed to fulfill all relevant regulations and climate-control requirements. At the same time, proper labeling preserves study timelines by keeping storage, distribution, and use of investigational drugs organized.

Our dedicated inspection, packaging, and labeling room features an automated label machine that handles labels up to 9” wide and a variety of standard vial and round bottle sizes 5 mL and larger. We also offer manual labeling if your project requires it.

Choose among customized, qualified packaging solutions with single-, double-, or multi-cell cartons or cases to maintain the cold chain and protect your samples during shipping and storage.

In addition, we provide custom, protocol-specific specimen collection kits to ensure your preclinical and clinical samples are collected properly. Kits can be shipped directly to trial sites.

Labeling and Kitting Capabilities

  • Automated or manual labeling
  • Customized packaging solutions
  • Customized preclinical and clinical trial kits