Pointing the way

August Bioservices is a team of highly experienced life science experts providing rigorous research, pharmaceutical development, and manufacturing services to clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space. We pride ourselves on our abilities, integrity, and persistence in the face of challenge, and will exert maximal effort and ingenuity to achieve your goals.

Competitive Solutions

Take advantage of our wide range of flexible, competitive solutions. Niche offerings in protein-based research can help ensure you devote your hard-won resources to the right molecule. We deliver meticulous target validation services, sophisticated functional characterization, and advanced assay development. Fragment-based drug discovery with high throughput screening is one of our specialties.

Once you have an optimized lead, our formulation, process design, scale-up, analytical method, and stability experts will efficiently pave the way for clinical or commercial manufacture — while conserving critical quality attributes and planning for today’s intense regulatory scrutiny.


We also specialize in nanosuspensions and microfluidics for clinical trial and commercial production. Benefit from our small to medium-scale cGMP non-sterile bulk liquid and semi-solid manufacturing services and our aseptic manufacturing with sterile filling processes.

Your next project or drug discovery campaign will flourish with August Bio’s personalized service and strategic solutions. Contact us.